Beetle, Bitter, Better: Miné Okubo’s Almost-Comic Works
smoke & mold (May 2023)

Contours, Cartoons, and Other Abstractions (feat. Bhanu Pratap)
SOLRAD (June 2022)

Satire, Under These Conditions: Fantagraphics and the Racist Romance of Vitality
SOLRAD (November 2021)

Owl, Ameoba, Eyelash: Anneli Henriksson’s CALIFORNIA
SOLRAD (June 2021)

Circa 198X: Superpose, Science Fiction Histories, and the Trans Child
The Rambling (Nov 2019)

Speculative-Speculative Fiction: Jamie Berrout’s Impossible Trans Literatures
UCLA CSW Blog (Mar 2019)

Good Vibes Only: The World of Wholesome Queer Erotica (NSFW)
ZEAL (Nov 2018)

You Yourself Are an Obsolete Computer: Reading Carta Monir
WWAC (Sep 2018)


Artist Interviews

Using the Printer Like a Painter: An Interview with Mara Ramirez
Nat.Brut Issue 17 (Jan 2024)

D.R.Y. Run: An Interview with the D.R.Y Collective (Daniel Zhou, Raúl Higuera, & Yasmeen Abedifard)
Nat.Brut Issue 17 (Jan 2024)

On It Hurts Until It Doesn’t: An Interview with Kahlil Kasir (not available online)
The Comics Journal Yearbook: Best of 2022 (June 2023)

“From An Internet That Still Exists”: An Interview with SUPERPOSE’s Joe and Anka
SOLRAD (June 2022)

Little Sacred Objects: An Interview with Mei Kazama
Nat.Brut Issue 14 (Fall 2020)



Good Humor, Bitter Irony: Reviewing “Miné Okubo’s Masterpiece” exhibit at JANM
International Journal of Comic Art Blog (Feb 2022)

Review of Going Stealth: Transgender Politics and U.S. Surveillance Practices, by Toby Beauchamp (Duke University Press, 2019)
Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience (Nov 2020)

Guttermouth: Comics Roundup #3
Anomaly Blog (Mar 2020)

Guttermouth: Comics Roundup #2
Anomaly Blog (Oct 2019)

Soft But Not Precious: The Dream Labors of Annie Mok’s Pink Juice
WWAC (Aug 2019)

Guttermouth: Comics Roundup #1
Anomaly Blog (Jul 2019)

Anthologizing Illness in Shammas’s CORPUS
WWAC (Mar 2019)